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A few years ago I was fortunate to find my way into the wonderful world of film and television, both as an actor and as a film-maker.  Join me on a pictorial journey of some of the unforgettable experiences I have had in that magical world.

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Poltergeist Encounters: 2 Years Later! Short film!

The feature film, Poltergeist Encounters, in which I played the role of Heather Wheeler, recently had an update in the form of a short film in which clues are suggested as to what might have happened to the characters at the end of the original film.  Survival Zombie Films!!

Poltergeist Encounters 2 Years Later

The Soundtrack Show with Mark on 101.5 The Hawk!! Creature from Cannibal Creek!!

Last night I joined writer, director, producer and actor, John Migliore of Survival Zombie Films and creator of the indie creature feature film Creature from Cannibal Creek, to talk about the film and about the music soundtrack for the film that was created and performed by the Juno award-winning musician, Mike Trebilcock and his band, Sematary Spawn.  We spoke to Mark Adamson, host of The Soundtrack Show on 101.5 The Hawk out of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mark has a fun role in the film.

Creature from Cannibal Creek will screen at the upcoming Hexploitation Film Festival on February 22nd in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  The screening is sold out but there might still be tickets if you have a festival pass.

The Hawk with John and Mark 2

The Hawk Deb and John.png


Even Roger Corman Can’t Save You Now – Music Video!!!

I was delighted to discover that the Juno award-winning musician, Mike Trebilcock, and his band, Sematary Spawn have put out a new music video, “Even Roger Corman Can’t Save You Now”, and included in the visual presentation is a montage of footage from the soon-to-be released indie feature film, Creature from Cannibal Creek, from John Migliore of Survival Zombie Films.  In John’s film I play Harriet, my most fun character role to date.  Other footage from iconic creature films is also used in the music video.


SONANCE short film now available to view!

My short film, SONANCE, which screened at the iconic film fest and convention, SHOCK STOCK, is now available to view online via youtube.

sonance poster shockstock laurelsxcf

Exorcism of the Dead – now available to pre-order on Amazon!!! Indie Feature!!

Great news!  The indie feature film, Exorcism of the Dead, in which I play Candace’s mother, Eunice, is now available on DVD for pre-order on Amazon.  It will be released in May 2019 by Wild Eye Releasing.  Exorcism of the Dead is written, produced and directed by John Migliore from Survival Zombie Films.

exorcism of the dead artwork


Merry Christmas No One’s Darling!!

Finally we are able to share a link to our super-short film, Merry Christmas No One’s Darling.  This film won Best Super Short Mystery/Thriller/Suspense film at the Alternative Film Festival Spring 2018 in Toronto, Canada, and it recently screened at the inaugural Medusa Underground Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

merry christmas no one's darling

My films are screening in Las Vegas tomorrow night!!!!

I’m so excited that two of my films will be screening at the MEDUSA UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL tomorrow night.

They will see “Merry Christmas No One’s Darling” and “Opaque Sky”.

I wish I could have made the trip.  We hope that everyone has a fun time!

medusa underground film fest 2 entries poster las vegas

medusa underground film fest friday line up


Are you on the “Naughty List” or the “Nice List”? Here is Krismas Karma!! Our 15 second short film…

Christmas will soon be here, and here is our 15 second horror short film, Krismas Karma.

Santa in a box

This film was part of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge 2018.

Krismas Karma Official Posterwith laurelsFeb17


Medusa Underground Film Festival 2019 Trailer!

Two of my films are selected to the Medusa Underground Film Festival 2019 which takes place in Las Vegas on the weekend of the 11th of January.  The festival compiled a fabulous trailer, snippets of all the films that will be screening.  I found this trailer to be quite the visual feast.  Enjoy!


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